Symmetry™ Supports Manic Depression

Lithium Orotate has been shown to support manic depressives, alcoholics, seizure disorders, headaches, hyperthyroidism, affective disorders, Meniere’s syndrome, and liver and lung issues. Daily use requires no blood tests.
This is the first FDA registered homeopathic lithium orotate spray. Symmetry™ is the fastest acting formula in its class!

How Is Symmetry™ Different?

It is homeopathic. It is designed to support the body’s release of your own lithium. It helps the body to address its own elevated stress and mania hormones for a deeper more intrinsic sense of natural evenness.

How Is A Spray Better Than Pills Or Patches?

It is faster acting. Quickly absorbed though nasal mucosa. Absorbed at a higher rate directly into the blood stream. Oral meds are much higher dose.

Fast Acting Effects!

In most cases it is immediate. One feels instantly grounded. Calm. However, being homeopathic Symmetry is also cumulative. It takes weeks for the body to heal itself.

Lithium Orotate is 20 times more bio-active than other Lithium salts

Symmetry™ supports manic depression by facilitating lithium absorption into the mitochondria

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