Lithium Orotate in the treatment of alcoholism and related conditions.

In one study published on forty two alcoholic subjects in an alcohol rehab program. Thirty three males and nine females were treated with lithium orotate for six months to ten years. The data was culled from 105 patients. The remaining sixty four subjects discontinued treatment. The 42 patients who remained in initially evidenced a multitude of complaints as well as alcoholism. Their infirmities included liver dysfunction, liver cancers, seizures, headaches, hyperthyroidism . . . Thirty-six of them had been hospitalized at least once for alcohol management prior to the study. One hundred and fifty milligrams of Lithium orotate was administered daily. It proved useful as an agent for the treatment of their alcoholism. Ten of the patients did not relapse for over three years. Others up to ten years. Twelve patients relapsed in six to twelve months. Lithium orotate therapy was shown to be completely safe. Some of the patients developed muscle weakness, loss of appetite or mild apathy. Those patients symptom’s subsided as the dosage was mitigated to four or five times per week.

PMID: 3718672 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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