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Nasal Symmetry benefits manic depression in the human body by quickly absorbing directly into plasma and mitochondria.

How does lithium orotate work?

Lithium orotate releases the lithium ion into the plasma and brain just like pharmaceutical lithium carbonate and citrate. This is exactly the same way prescription lithium works, albeit without the toxicity. Symmetry effectively addresses bi-polar volatility by increasing the uptake of two very exciting neurotransmitters (dopamine and norepinephrine) into synaptosomes. Synaptosomes are pinched off nerve endings that cannot release hormones. This helps people to remain calm when they would otherwise not be. A paper published in the January 11th issue of Cell, a Duke Medical Center team has found that lithium interrupts the signaling of one of the D2 dopamine receptors in the brain. Elevated dopamine causes people to act impulsively and erratically. Lithium orotate, citrate, carbonate also inhibits the glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK-3) enzyme which is important in the cell’s response to many signaling molecules. By destabilizing the D2 / GSK3 signaling pathway complex mania is reduced.


Nasal Symmetry benefits manic depression in the human body by quickly absorbing directly into plasma and mitochondria. It is not a drug, it is a homeopathic formulation combining gentile doses of lithium orotate, GABA and albumin. We are often asked what we source our albumin from. It is phyto albumin that is derived from plant sources, not meat or eggs. This renders it very different from other forms of pharmaceutical lithium. The pharmaceutical forms require regular blood tests for liver toxicity. Symmetry does not require blood tests. Moreover, pharmaceutical doses require higher doses of lithium. Nasal Symmetry has a higher bioavailability reading (over a 99% absorption) which allows for an even lower doses to be effective. Symmetry is a homeopathic protocol designed to support the body to release more of its own lithium orotate, GABA and Albumin. There are no side effects.

Synergy with omega oils

Current research has provided clear evidence that lithium orotate reduces brain inflammation when used in combination with healthy Omega 3 fatty acid. Anyone diagnosed with bipolar disorder should be on a high and steady diet of omega acids by either supplementation or regular meals of fish. Warning! Not all fish contains omega 3’s an 9’s. Tilapia for instance does not contain much 3s at all but has more omega 6. Omega 6 is inflammatory! Avoid Tilapia. The National Institute of Aging examined brain samples (via mass spectrometry analysis) and found that a six-week course of lithium orotate and omega oils reduced inflammatory arachidonic acid levels. They also discovered that the lithium 17-OH-DHA metabolite formed from the omega-3 fatty acid is the precursor to a wide range of anti-inflammatory compounds known as docosanoids. (Aspirin, the most popular anti-inflammatory protocol, has been shown to enhance docosanoids). Omega 3’s and 9’s had the opposite result. By reducing both pro-inflammatory arachindonic acid and docosanoids and increasing anti-inflammatory DHA, Symmetry can exert a double-protective effect creating a powerful synergy against bipolar affliction.

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