Nasal Formulation


Symmetry formulation

LITHIUM in Oratate 1X/2X/3X, GABA 3X, Albumin (USP) 1X/2X/3X. In a base of not more than USP Glycerine and Purified Saline Solution.

Symmetry is the only FDA registered homeopathic spray available over the counter. It combines the highest quality lithium orotate with GABA and Albumin. This combination is designed to support the reduction of bi-polar depression while elevating mental and emotional well-being. Symmetry may also support issues associated with symptoms of insomnia, venal insufficiency, and blood pressure imbalance.

There are 140 sprays per 1/2 ounce bottle.

At four sprays per day each bottle of Symmetry should last 35 days.


The brain’s chief inhibitory neurotransmitter. There are more GABA sites in the brain than for other feel-good neurotransmitters, including dopamine or serotonin.

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid) is a relaxing neurotransmitter present throughout the brain. It’s job is to help balance the brain between excitation and inhibition. For instance alcohol causes GABA release. As we well know, alcohol is both exciting and relaxing. This is why so many people reach for it. They are desperate to relax and self-prescribe and can’t stop themselves. It makes them feel relaxed and excited all at once. Unfortunately alcohol and heroin and most other relaxing drugs like marijuana are, to varying degrees, toxic and carry side effects.

How does GABA work?

GABA binds to two receptors, GABA-A and GABA-B. The GABA-A receptors form a Cl- channel.

What does that mean?

What this means it supports healthy neuronal activity by inducing brain and muscle relaxation. Hence, it helps the brain and body from going into “overdrive.”

An example of how GABA helps alleviate depression.  

People often use alcohol and drugs often do so because they are experiencing feelings of depression—weather they know it or not. These substances do temporarily block depression. But, they do one cure it. They temporarily mask the pain and depression with artificial opioids’ or cannabinoids or whatever (cocaine releases dopamine) and when they wear off, depression returns. Symmetry works to help the brain and the body to release its own lithium, GABA and albumin such that it naturally keeps those levels up. This supports a more grounded, comfortable in your own skin, feeling.

How do GABA and Orotate enhance sleep?

GABA increases the body’s sleeping cycle by counteracting the excitatory effects of glutamate. Orotate returns dopamine and norepinephrine to more balanced levels.


Albumin has several essential physiologic functions in the human body.

Albumin is a thick, viscous nitrogenous substance. It is found in eggs whites plants and blood serum. The albumin in Symmetry is plant based and is soluble in water. One of albumins jobs it to balance blood pressure and keep fluid from leaking out of the circulatory system into tissue. We synthesize albumin in our liver. Hence, low levels of blood albumin can cause liver and kidney disease. Decreased albumin may be caused by a low protein diet. Another of albumin’s jobs is as an antioxidant and another is to transport vitamins, minerals, hormones, fatty acids, and other essential substances to where they need to be in the body. In short albumin s a blood balancer. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates albumin preparation, distribution and use.

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