Pediatric Bipolar Mania


Just like adults, bipolar disorder in children is evidenced by volatile mood changes—from euphoria to irritability. Children can also suffer from the same inflated self-esteem, too much energy and insomnia of adult bi-polar disorder. Insomnia (one of the earliest symptoms of bipolar disorder) is an especially prevalent a symptom of child bipolar disorder. It usually evolves into vicious circadian rhythm abnormalities and ADHD.

Child bi-polar symptoms can also include headaches, fatigue, ennui or boredom, lack of interest in activities and social isolation. Like adults, bi-polar affliction In children also interferes with normal, healthy functioning and is also associated with school failure, risk taking behaviors, sexual promiscuity, drug use, and suicide. Symmetry is a gentile, low dose protocol that has been shown to effectively address child bipolar disorder.

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