Pharmaceutical Lithium


In his extensive studies on lithium orotate Dr. Nieper discovered that lithium orotate is a more efficient transport ion than other forms of lithium. This means that less lithium is required to achieve success. It is generally understood that all forms of lithium (orotate, carbonate, citrate) address mania by reducing dopamine and norepinephrine. However, the fact that you need less for a comparable result, and that it is natural, nontoxic, and doesn’t require blood tests, speaks better of the orotate form. Regarding toxicity; it is important to note that eating foods out of cans that contain aspartame, sugars, and bad fats, or from fast food establishments who use hydrolyzed vegetable fats, are setting their brains up for neurotoxic blowback, AKA, manic behavior. These foods—if you want to call them that—over stimulate the brain. Junk foods are loaded with disproportionate levels of sodium and artificial sweetener like aspartame, sugars and tyrosine can easily push the brain into artificial overdrive. Sugar triggers spikes and free-falls and is as addictive as caffeine, nicotine and drugs. Drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, crystal and ecstasy also do the same. Chinese restaurants typically use MSG to freshen taste buds and MSG triggers brain stimulating neurotransmitters (glutamic acid, aspartic acid) in the brain. Not good. These neurotransmitters take hold and accumulate in the fluid surrounding cells and nerves, then strangulate it with toxins. We are what we eat. Anyone with bipolar disease should be only eat omega oils. The brain is 70% fish fat and it loves fish fat. Don’t like fish? No problem, click here for more information on an excellent fish supplement that carries a certificate of analysis proving that it has not potentially toxic metals like lead, cadmium and mercury. Anyone with bipolar affliction should be taking liberal doses of Omega 3’s and 9’s daily. Furthermore, they synergize Symmetry’s efficacy.

Symmetry supports overly active neurotransmitters more efficiently

Children repeatedly force fed foods like McD’s happy meals can become artificially happy, often to the point of false ADD readings. With repeated exposure the excitatory chemicals in these inferior preparations accumulate in nerve endings flooding the fluids surrounding their brain cells. Symmetry with neurotransmitter modulating lithium orotate, GABA and albumin supports against overly active neuronal toxicity. Read up on idebenone’s protective affects as well. The GABA and Albumin also efficiently modulates over stimulating dopamine and adrenalin while releasing the more relaxing serotonin without flattening focus and mood. Symmetry’s neuro-protective agents have also been show to increases gray matter in the brain.

Symmetry and alcoholism

Alcohol is double edged neurotoxic. It is both a brain stimulant and a central nervous system depressant. The bi-polar afflicted need to approach alcohol with great caution. Even non bipolar people need to approach it with caution as alcohol (and caffeine) can induce a form of temporary bipolar behavior.

Dr. Nieper did a ten year study of 42 alcoholic patients finding positive result. He administered 138 mg of lithium orotate per day finding a decline in alcoholic relapses after abstinence of 6 months. He also observed an improvement in migraines, seizures, manic behavior and cluster headaches within the group. The reduction in alcohol consumption also lend to improvements in liver, thyroid, cardiovascular and immune function. Some of the improvements in liver function appeared to be due to a combination of lithium orotate and calcium both of which were administered to the alcoholic patients with liver disease. For more information on the toxicity of alcohol on the body please read about Anti Alcohol Antioxidants. The long view is that Symmetry is not a magic wand but is an excellent tool for behavior modification for alcoholics.

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