Normally I do not write letters but in this case, I just had to. A few months ago I started using your products.

I was in a very bad state of depression and I was in this hole I couldn’t get out of. I tried so hard, and it just was not going away on its own. I decided to make an appointment with my doctor for anti-depressants, which I was very nervous about. I researched the most popular and I was really really sad about having to take that route. I am an avid runner and I was really concerned about what that would do to my running and general outlook. I also am the single mother of 2 small children and even more important than my running I felt constantly on edge and irritable with them. My brain always felt “foggy” and I couldn’t really focus – on anything! I was feeling horrible about everything.

One night it was really bad and I remembered being in a pharmacy once and over hearing a woman telling the pharmacist she was really worked and she said it worked better than her Prozac and she hated Prozac. Even though that was 15 years ago, I always remembered that conversation.

To make a long story short, that night I somehow found your site. After reading everything on the site, I decided to try YOU first before I went to a doctor. I started with the St Johns Wort, Griffonia, and DMAE. I thought that the investment was small enough, if it didn’t work I didn’t lose anything.

I received my supplements, and in my head I wasn’t expecting anything for 6-8 weeks. So I took them religiously, and less than two weeks later I realized I was feeling GREAT. I didn’t even put two and two together. I told my friend that day “Wow I feel so good today!

I wish I felt like this every day” and she asked if she thought it was the supplements. Because it was so “quick” I remember thinking WOW That worked FAST. I have now added Keto DHEA to my daily doses. The most important thing that has changed is I am not even a little irritable anymore. I am more calm than I ever have been in my entire life. The best compliment I have ever had was overhearing my 10 year old niece and my 6 year old daughter talking about me and she said “Your mom never yells!” My kids can totally tell a difference with me. Things just do not bother me like they used to, I just feel 200 percent better.

I am so grateful for your products and how they changed my life. I know that sounds so crazy, but its true. I feel like “Im on track” and I feel “focused”. The “fog” is gone. Thank you thank you thank you.


I must say I am pretty impressed with HBC; the products that I have bought have been excellent quality at an excellent price. What’s also impressive is how easy it is to buy stuff from your company from the UK. I find a lot of American supplement companies aren’t interested or slap on so much extra charge, and complicated procedure, as to make it not worthwhile. With your company, I just click a button and pay the same price as everyone else – it’s so simple and easy. Also, other American companies often don’t reply to emails where your company were quick and helpful. You deserve to prosper.

Kevin B

Many thanks to Jeff for taking so much of his time to explain a variety of options to best suit my family’s needs, and for providing such great customer service. I am extremely impressed with your company and will continue supplying my family’s vitamin and herbal supplements from you. I recommend hbc protocols to all who are serious about their health.


I cannot say thank you enough for all you are doing. You know what? Companies like your will reshape the way people do business; I am dealing with a faraway company, and all my problems are being solved easier than if I had to talk to a pharmacy down the street here.The day will come when the companies with the best services will own the Internet. And you will certainly be among the leaders.

Luiz Da Silva

I don’t know how I found you, it was probably some search engine for lithium. I saw something about lithium orotate. Let me also say that it was pretty bad time in my life and my wife was about to leave me. So, I ordered a bottle. I immediately started feeling better. So, I placed another order for 4 bottles and started taking it daily. After 3 months I asked my wife again and she said “Yeah, your better.” So, here we are! Thank you.

Luiz Da Silva

As one of my colleagues diagnosed me with Bipolar Disorder, I have found this product extremely useful. The synergy of lithium Orotate and GABA and Albumin seems to have stabilized my mood without the peripheral side effects ( weight gain, tremor, edema (swelling), impaired cognitive function . . .) of Lithium Carbonate.


Dr. Paul V.

I am using this product for rage and self-injury issues and am having an immediate response to it. Wonderful, wonderful product. Thank you so much.



I was on the president’s advisory council for children’s nutrition for may many years. The symmetry immediately calmed my daughters mental stress. Please send me a catalogue for my doctor.



Thank you; this nasal spray works really well for my son and I am so grateful to be able to order it for him.



Symmetry lithium orotate is an amazing product. At first it quiets my mind, then a sense of happiness and contentment sets in. You’re plain happy for no good reason. Add to this the increased memory retention and boundless energy from what I believe is the dopamine re-uptake inhibition effect and you have a lasting answer to your persistent depression!



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