Synergy with Omega Oils


Current research has provided clear evidence that lithium reduces brain inflammation by recalibrating DHA—healthy Omega 3 fatty acid. Anyone diagnoses with bipolar disorder should seriously consider a steady diet of omega acids via supplementation or fish, flax and nut diet. The National Institute of Aging examined brain samples via mass spectrometry analysis demonstrated how a six-week lithium treatment reduced inflammatory arachidonic acid levels. They also discovered that lithium the 17-OH-DHA metabolite formed from the omega-3 fatty acid is also the precursor to a wide range of anti-inflammatory compounds known as docosanoids. (Aspirin, the most popular anti-inflammatory protocol, has been shown to enhance docosanoids). Omega oil DHA concentration did the opposite. By reducing both pro-inflammatory arachindonic acid and docosanoids and increasing anti-inflammatory DHA, lithium can exert a double-protective effect creating a powerful synergy against bipolar affliction.

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